Friday, November 20, 2009


No iron, no steel, no cage, no bars,
Not metaphorical
- not trapped by ideas or the metaphysical.
Just difficulty instilled.
Held in by the complications of freedom.

A free world.
With paperwork for breathing
- booklets to travel.
Paper money to see the world.
Bubble of atmosphere
And a galaxy shrunk.
To the size of a desk.
A train seat.
A home.
With a suitable agent for all.

See the temptation for everything behind shiny glass.
Then see it in HD.
See the birds and the bees and the freeks and the geeks
see the freaks twice. They're funnier.
Write down your nationality and the number to insure it.
Then use it to lie in a field.
As long as the farmer doesn't mind.
Or the company that bullies him.*
Better prices for local milk
No battery hens here.
Lie on the grass
Look up at the conquered sky.
The Rusky-Yankee battle ground
or the clouds explained.
Find a mystery.
Try and find a mystery.
Then sell it for a documentary -
Prime time.

*or her

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