Friday, November 20, 2009

3 days to go...

3 days to go until the big Lapland adventure. Today I bought shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste - I think it's safe to say all the fun snow related shopping is over and I'm down to the dregs. Dregville. Sounds vampiric. Ah, on that subject - I do not give a crap about New Moon, anything Twilight related, Jedward, The X factor in general or what the BBC newsreaders are going to freak us out with on Children in Need tonight. Ok, so it turned out that wasn't related at all but I wanted to say it and I have.

Interesting week, all in all, Monday was an exciting meeting with a lady who knows people and things and may want to help me know about people and things. Cryptic says you? Why yes. I am mysterious, that's why I blog. So that people want to know more. Not so that people wonder why I blog about the fact that I don't do a lot.
Monday was also being in a box, and then surprising a surprised boy friend who thought I had already gone to turns out men don't like it an awful lot when they realise how easy you find lying. Even if it was for their own good. I hope I've learned enough of that lesson for all of you.
Tuesday was stupendous and the birthday of said surprised boyfriend who had finished being pale and slightly stuttery by then but still kept looking at me liked I'd shot Bambi's mother and then disembowelled Thumper and fed it to Bambi.
Wednesday was a lot of hide and seek which I was mainly playing with my hangover. I kept hiding it in the toilet and it kept reappearing in the back of throat. Disgusting - yes. The last time it'll happen -
Thursday was a train journey where a disgruntled woman made me too uncomfortable to eat my Terry's chocolate orange - even though I offered her a whole portion. Some people are cruel.

So that was my last England week before the Big chill. This evening I am shunning Wogan to watch Ice Age with my feet out the window. Acclimatisation baby, yeah!

Song of The Day; Every comedian's drive home anthem at some point in their life, the power ballad extraordinaire... "I just died on my arse must have been something I said..."

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