Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blog Tour

Boom! Some knobhead asked me to join in a "blog tour" where I talk about me and my writing stuff. It's being passed round bloggers who love each other. I got it from Rose Crompton who proper loves me. She is ok, you can check her stuff out here:

So, I doubt this is interesting to the vast majority of you but I'll try and lie just sufficiently to keep it interesting. There are 4 questions that need answering. Let's go.

What Am I Working On?

My friend's sofa. HAHAHAHAHA. Dear god, there's absolutely no wonder I'm not on Channel 4's Comedy Gala tonight. Having said that, it could be something to do with the fact that they're advertising as having "every comedian on the planet" and two of them are women. Two. Out of every comedian on the planet. But fine.

So, I am working on a multitude of things. Firstly, I'm writing my first solo hour long show for the Camden Fringe. It's called "Lovely" and tickets are on sale now:

I'm writing/developing the show to enjoy stand up for happiness sake... I wanted to prepare and enjoy performing a show that's about strong stand up and positive writing. I've put away a lot of my "old faithful" pieces that make up some of my weekend gigs and the ability to play with lengthier themes that are less obvious. Animal documentaries are a big part of it and audience interaction will be a major!

I'm also about 90% finished with the first draft of my novel As We Know It which is an English comedy book focusing on the role of Jesus in the end of the world. It touches on a lot of English lifestyle elements but I'm having fun writing about religious differences which is not something I can always get away with on stage because it hits nerves easily.

I'm also writing my wedding vows.

How Does My Work Differ From Others Of Its Genre?

Pfft. It probably doesn't but people like it. The thing I'm complimented on most often is my energy as a stand up so that's something I layer carefully into my writing to use it to its potential. I truly believe that to be an original stand up you have to know how to do the basics first so it's taken me a good five years to get to the point where I feel like I'm doing "my kind" of material.

The book, As We Know It, is something I'm really proud of for its originality... I'm writing about race and religion against a backdrop of English village life which I know inside out so I feel like it has legs to be truly original. I hope so anyway or I could have had many more guilt free hours in front of the television in the last three years.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

I can't do anything else. Because it's boring.

How Does My Writing Process Work?

It doesn't. I probably am not a natural writer... I don't know grammar inside out, I don't have to write every day or I die, I don't avidly read other people's blogs... I also don't start writing and then suddenly look at the clock and 5 hours have passed including 10,000 words. Sometimes I have a really good idea and I'll write it out and sometimes I stare at a chapter outline and do everything in my power to avoid writing it. Once I get writing I am swift but I have to really want to be writing.

With stand up, I very rarely write properly... I prefer to have an idea, vaguely sketch it out and then perform it into existence. I use the stories I tell people in my every day that have a funny nugget and then I write them into stand up. Twitter has been a really useful tool in teaching me to write short jokes for instant punchlines.

I will be recommending Vicki Baron for taking this on next. Here blog is here:

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