Friday, October 4, 2013

An Open Letter

Dear Wiley,

I'm writing this letter as I am growing increasingly worried about the future of your career and the damaging impact your behaviour is likely to have on other coyotes. You need to be more aware of the impact that you have on the young coyotes who look up to you - if any of your recent actions have been done in the name of coyotism then you need to be aware that you have got this very wrong.

It's not right for a coyote to be allowing himself to be filmed butt naked, running round gorges and canyons after a bird who is literally named after what he is extremely good at. You are allowing yourself to be prostituted by people who only want to make money out of you. Do you think they care every time you fall 1000 feet under a huge rock? No, and you should fire anyone who has not expressed some concern over your safety. People in the slapstick cartoon industry are only there to make money - they do not give a shit about you.

You have so much natural talent as a hunter and a tracker, you're a great coyote and you don't need to be flaunting yourself in such a degrading way to get attention. Let your natural talent shine through. Every time a young coyote sees you running face first into a wall that some Road Runner has slyly painted, it just teaches them that it's OK for coyotes to be exploited in this way by Road Runners who don't respect you.

Put some clothes on, go back to your den and maybe take a leaf out of my book - I'm about 100 years old, I'm still going strong and I've always worn at least shorts to show I am in control of my own career. I'm in a stable relationship and have become an icon because I wasn't willing to allow myself to be exploited for my physical degradation. I hope you get some people around you soon who care about you to get you the help you need. You're a great coyote and you deserve to be respected.

Mickey Mouse

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