Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Not Particularly Do the Fringe

It's Day 2 of the Fringe, which is also concurrently Day -1 of the Fringe because technically it's Day 2 of previews for the Fringe which starts tomorrow (and yesterday).

I got here via a festival in Kent and a gig in Somerset so I've only brought 3 dresses and a toothbrush which are all looking forlornly out of the window and wishing I was better at forward planning.

WHERE ARE THE COATS? Scream the dresses. Whilst the toothbrush tangos to silent music.

The "Quiet" carriage I'd booked was a bloody sham. Two families with children younger than 3 in them? That's not a quiet coach in my opinion. Next year I'm booking a seat in the Perverts and Aids coach.

"This seat is free! Hey, no seriously, your kid can sit here. I have a clean bill of health... Where are you going?"

So far it's gone well. And I mean that entirely by my own standards... there was an AMAZING party last night for the Caves launch which I didn't go to because it was raining and I wanted some tea. So, that was a good night. I heard everyone who went had a great time and everyone in my room (me) was pleased with the itinerary at our place too.

It's quite hard to get the balance right up here - trying to be sociable but also not killing yourself in the process. What with having a show at 11pm and 12 noon it's not going to be that easy to have a reckless all nighter without threatening vomit at the poor lunchtime audience who've been assured I'm up and coming. Up and going where? To bed probably. I like it there.

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