Friday, February 10, 2012

The Big One

The weekend I have been counting down to all weekend is here, my brother is arriving in a matter of hours and we are off to see the Black Keys play their little guitars and sing us a tune or two. We couldn't be more excited. I'd imagine that, whatever train he's on, he's more excited than me because he knows he's definitely got the tickets and so doesn't have the same niggling worries that I've got. The sort of niggling worries that lead to you imagining an afternoon trying to recreate holograms with tin foil and a pastel gel pen from your school days.

As soon as I've finished this scrawling I will be attempting to turn my room and house into something that looks cool and impressive to the incoming 16 year old. This is going to involve putting away all the mugs and pants that currently adorn my dressing table and digging out some sheet music or some needles. What are sixteen year olds into these days? I suppose I could just find a poster of Lucy Pinder and strew tissues around the floor but I'm not sure that would have the desired effect.

My main task is to get myself to Tesco and buy all the sort of food stuffs that I can offer him in an impressive, offhand kind of way. Like, "Ooh, would you like a Pringle and brownie trifle... for breakfast? Hmmmm?" and then he will go home and say things like, "My sister is so cool" and I will feel validated. Families are complicated things.

I think I will need a lot of bread, a selection of spreads and then things made only of meat and potato in various forms. He'll enjoy that and I'll be able to eat them too which is always a status I enjoy. Every time it looks like he's sad and beginning to realise this is a terrible weekend visit I will just shove a new salty delight into his mouth and hope it makes him forget. He might be 92 stone by the time he leaves but at least he'll be less whiny while I drag him from rehearsal to rehearsal.

I'm beginning to think multi-tasking 19 things into a 3 day span is probably not the way one should orchestrate their lives, but it's not really my fault if everything cool wanted to hang out together for a weekend and I didn't have enough places to put them. There must be something in the air for this few days in February. Or, I am just poor at time management. Yep, that sounds about right.

To Tesco...

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  1. u r great laura! keep it on!
    (nora from kent, the french"madam") :)