Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Children Are Lucky

I've spent the last hour watching CBBC shows on demand on my TV. It's been pretty epic if I'm honest. An hour well spend in my humble little tiny opinion. I learnt in the last hour that I don't really approve of small bears that scream and have faces like socks that have been punched. I also learnt that I'm a massive fan of giant red monsters. Also, that in children's TV - the bigger the creature the stupider it is and the deeper the voice. Those are some facts.

I've also eaten a lot of prawns tonight. A LOT OF PRAWNS. Absolutely loads. But they were delicious. And I put them in some kind of home made lemon type sauce. I feel pretty domestic and great right now. I've been wanting to be more domestic lately. I think there might be some kind of maternal strings pulling in my innards. I'll probably have a baby next week. Or something like that anyway.

I don't have a great deal for you I'm afraid bloggypoose. I've not thought a single profound thing all day. Shocking - I know. Erm, nope - I'm really dredging as much as I can think of. There's nothing.

I could make something up? Yeah, I'll do that.

So, I was staring out the window and I saw a small bird. And the small bird was arguing with a massive bird - I think it might have been a cormorant.

The small bird bottled the big one. That was it. Fight over.

I think the moral of the story is that you don't want to piss of a hummingbird. The reason they hum, it turns out, is to try and keep their tempers. If you disrupt the humming cycle then they get quite angsty and may stab you.

We're learning.

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