Friday, July 23, 2010

Miraculous Inception

Well...I went to the cinema last night. Went to the very epic Screen on the Green in Islington, which, along with the All Star Bowling, is one of the truly cool places to go and do something which might be quite standard elsewhere. Not that last night was standard in any way.

For starters, I was meeting a very good friend and excellent comedian Mr Tiernan Douieb. I don't know if you've ever tried hanging out with someone who is paid to be funny but it's quite difficult as you want to laugh a lot, and then you do, and then you can't stop. I'm not syaing this is a massive problem, I'd certainly rather live with this issue than...famine for example, but it does make holding a normal conversation quite difficult.

He is well worth a read of or a watch of if you can -

Yesterday was the end of a long day sat still for me, which meant by the time I met poor old Tiernan I was really quite ready to let off some steam. Add to that the fact that I'd just had a mocha frappucino in a Starbucks that smelt like feet. (Even though everyone near me had shoes on, and I checkec...) So all in all I was a small bundle of sugary enthusiasm. And I was armed with a cross word. Not an angry chiding for anyone who came into my path, but a word puzzle. I love a good cross word.

So by the time we had downed a quick cider and bought retro candy (rubbish) and pop corn (brilliant) I was finding it quite tricksy to sit still and watch the fillum. Happily, Inception was literally designed for people who struggle to concentrate. Every time the plot gets a bit heavy or complicated (which is most of the time) they show you a beautiful graphic or change the scenery completely so that your brain has gone 'Oooh shiny...!' instead of 'Oooh, massive potential plot flaw...'

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. See my review at if you want summat more serious.

But maaaaan alive does it mess with your brain ever so slightly...the idea that reality isn't reality but it might be someone else's reality if they're asleep in your dream reality that was created by a pregnant teenager but only if you have a small dreidle in your dream reality on the third's quite hard to process. It sort of left me in a slight brain haze.

Not helped in any way that I was sat on the train home that night and noticed that the man opposite me had exacatly the same paper, same articles, same contents, same back page, same date...different front covers and headlines. That's not what you need when you've just found out that Leonardo DiCaprio might be smuggling diamonds up your nose in a goat into your brain.

But a brilliant evening overall - go and see Inception. Then eat some cheese and try and nod off with an identical evil twin copy of a paper that may or may not exist inside Michael Caine's ever dependable face.

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