Saturday, July 31, 2010

I've got a hurty thumb

Today I have been mainly playing retro PS2 games with my younger brogher. This please me, not only because he is the only member of m family happy to bring me cups of tea but because I show significantly more prowess at Gran Turismo (not a game for old people as it sounds) than Crash Bandicoot.

I'm thrilled by this because it shows I pent my childhood learning real skills like go-karting rather than pig-rat herding. When we stopped to wikipedia bandicoots none of them were wearing jeans, which shows us that the game is factually inaccurate.

All of this gaming has led my thumb to hurt quite badly, I think it's the depserate cornering as my Fiat 500 goes flying off a dirt track. Somehow it seemes logical at the time to twist the controller and press the button harder so that it will have more effect. I think this may be a girl thing and if it reaches a point where I start shouting at the car then it's time to stop.

It's a fairly chilled weekend down here in the West Country (which I would shorten to WC but it sounds like I live in a toilet). So far this morning I've been frightened by mum waking me up and then apologising, and I've watched an episode of Lie To Me.

I think Lie To Me (along with House) is brilliant. But something about it baffles me slightly. Basically, for those who haven't seen it, it's about a team of people who can tell when you're lying by your body language. Brilliant. But is it the most annoying programme ever for actualy body language experts?

Do they have to have the creme de la creme of actors in this show so that the body language tey are showing is actually real? And, as a body language expert sitting at home watching it would the acting be all confused by the fact that these are actors and it's all sub a level?!

What if in an episode someone said

"I didn't murder him." And the characters in the show went,
"Yep, he's telling the tuth."

But a real live body language expert at home was watching it and said


and then they would have to have an investigation into whether the actor had murdeed the fictional person or a real person somewhere back in the past...what a scary thought.

Now potentially I'm reading too much into this and real body language experts wouldn't watch it in the same way real entertainers won't watch Britain's Got Talent - because it's sacrilege. It usually turns out that Britain doesn't have talent and that the famous people are famous for a reason. People who get famous via eality TV shows are called "ex-Big Brother contestants" and live in the pages of Heat magazine.

I've got approximately 4 1/2 days left until I head up to Edinburgh and every fibre of being is excited about it. If you're going up I strongly suggest you seek out the following people to go and see as they'll be very funny indeed - The Noise Next Door, Tiernan Douieb, Strong and Wrong, Helen Arney and, well maybe come see Quiz In My Pants if you have time.

Ciao for now from a very relaxed munchkin in her favourite place in the world. Sigh.

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