Monday, November 30, 2015

Please Like My Breakdown

I think I hate Facebook.

I love the concept of Facebook but I do always seem to hate my newsfeed.

I hate that I continue to look at my newsfeed even though I hate it.

So, I think it might actually be me I dislike, rather than Facebook.

But, even if I don't look at it... I still won't like Facebook.

But, Facebook doesn't control what goes on my newsfeed... it's people that post these things. People I chose to add.

So, I think I hate myself and the people I know.

I guess if I stop looking at myself and the people I know, I might feel better?

But, even if I don't look at us, I'll still know that I hate us.

But I didn't know I hated us until we all existed on Facebook.

So it is Facebook's fault!

Ha! Fuck you Zuckerberg.

I'm going to post this on Facebook and see what people think.

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