Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Biscuit Dilemma

Me: I'd like to eat a biscuit.

Me: Go on, then, eat a biscuit.

Me: I shouldn't eat a biscuit - they're very sugary and bad for you.

Me: Yeah, but you want one and it's only one biscuit so it's no big deal.

Me: Oh, but it won't be one biscuit, will it?

Me: Why not?

Me: Because it's biscuits. It'll be all the biscuits I can find.

Me: Yeah, I suppose so. How many biscuits do you have?

Me: Well that's the problem, I'll have to go to Co-Op and get some biscuits.

Me: So, it's a case of eating all the biscuits you can find in Co-Op?

Me: I imagine it won't be one packet.

Me: I see. Well, it's not like you've eaten anything since breakfast so that's not too bad is it?

Me: No. But I have only been awake for 2 hours and I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast.

Me: Yeah, but you can eat what you want in the mornings, can't you?

Me: Yeah, and in your 20s. I don't want to hit 30 and suddenly wish I'd eaten more biscuits today.

Me: Yeah, all those memes always say you never regret the things you did do, just the ones you didn't - don't they?

Me: Yeah! Who's ever regretted a biscuit?

Me: Diabetics?

Me: Let's go and get some biscuits.

Me: Yeah, and maybe a cake.

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