Monday, July 22, 2013

Shower Rant

Not a funny one - stop reading now if you'll just want to hurl abuse when it's not funny. It's not a funny one.

So... the Royal Baby is coming. I don't really care. Other than that I love babies, think having babies is nice and hope it's healthy, I don't really care much about it. In fact, I only found out Kate Middleton was pregnant about two weeks ago. Despite what people would have you believe, it's remarkably easy to ignore things you don't care about if you avoid newspapers.

What I do care about is the amount of bile being spat about a thing that hasn't even been born yet. Grow Up. Twitter, I'm looking at you. Here is my problem; you are being crude, cruel and spiteful about something/someone based entirely upon the circumstances of its birth. Until that thing has offended you personally you cannot abuse it any more than you can mock a baby born in to poverty.

I have no problem with the Royal Family being who they are and doing what they do. I think  allowing myself to feel justified in hating them for their privileges opens me up to a lot of hatred from the 90% of the population that I was born with more privileges than. None of us can help it. Unless you were born into a solvent family with little chance of death and you swapped that for the lowest rung of civilisation you could find, you can't expect anyone above you to do the same.

People in the middle seem obsessed with the top folk coming down so that it's fair, without noticing they could step down too and meet people with less than them. Personally, I'd rather not be a Royal. "Here's all the tax payers' money you could ever want... now use it to buy what we tell you so you can get criticised for it afterwards."

Most people don't give up privilege. It's not human nature, I don't think it's particularly with in any nature (and I watch a lot of documentaries) it's just part of life. This baby will be born, we will collectively pay for it and to make ourselves feel better we'll buy some cheap clothes that someone else's baby stitched for about 50p a day. No one calling for the Royals to give up their birthright will go and work in a Primark factory so someone there can have his place in the privileged world. Sorry to spoil the fun - and just for the record I have no problem with the jokes and stuff about the birth etc, it's just the calling a newborn baby a parasitic leach and hoping it dies that I think is short sighted and plain stupid.

Enjoy your day.


  1. Sometimes - often, for me - not funny is way better than funny. Especially when it hits the head of the nail so perfectly.

  2. Written with an even hand and with fair comment