Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sugar Teeth

Yesterday I saw a little boy with one hand on a lamp post going round and round in circles around it. He had his coat sleeve pulled down over his hand to stop it hurting and he circled the post for at least 5 minutes as I watched. It looked fun but I decided it wasn't really something I could do any more for fear of looking like I was attempting to be zany.

This evening I am sitting on my sofa having eaten more chocolate eclairs than one should on a Thursday and feeling as though my teeth have slipped on their velvet pyjamas for the night. I literally can't wait to go and clean my teeth. Once my teeth are clean I'm looking forward to getting into bed and having a good night's sleep.

This morning I watched two episodes of Fireman Sam and laughed my head off at how ridiculous certain parts of it were. The dialogue was crass, the accents were dreadful and the plots were identical. It was brilliantly bad and I wondered how difficult it must be to create something for a child when you yourself can only think like an adult.

It must take a certain kind of mind to retain the uninhibited nature of a child through the strains of learning that we struggle through as young adults.

Is the mind a deeper place to disappear into as a child, meaning that swinging round a lamp post can totally absorb your person without needing to evaluate the image you're throwing out? Are you thinking less or more as a child? How much of your day is learning? When do we slowly phase that out and stick with what we know? When does time suddenly seem to be something we can be in control of rather than an entity that swims round us?

Pfft. Check me out being all questiony and philosophical. What I really want to know is, is it still ok for me to swing around a pole without seeming like a total bell end?

There is so much stuff that I love now that I hated as a child, for example:

Spaghetti bolognese
Cleaning my teeth
Being in bed
Crusts on sandwiches
The middle of Jacket Potatoes
Going for walks
Hospital dramas
Floral patterns

But it's a lot harder to think of things I used to love doing that I don't still love now. It's just that I've stopped doing them for no reason I can remember. For this reason I am going to have a day next week where I:

Get up at 6am and watch Transworld Sport with my Dad. I will sleep through much of it.
Then I'll watch Gummi Bears and The Raccoons whilst eating chocolatey cereal.
I'll play outside near a tree talking to myself quite loudly.
I'll write a poem where I meet Ronan Keating and we fall in love.
I'll have elevensies.
I'll go swimming.
I'll have lunch of peanut butter sandwiches and crisps and I won't enjoy the sandwich but I'll want an extra packet of crisps.
I'll watch an animated film.
I'll go outside and dig something up and then decide to keep it forever.
I'll be angry about having to stop playing for dinner.
I'll watch some TV shows I hate but I always watch so I can put off going to bed.
I'll go to bed having tried very hard to avoid cleaning my teeth or washing my face. I will wet the flannel and the toothbrush to make it look convincing.
I'll go to bed and read various books for at least 90 minutes, occasionally turning off the light whenever I hear footsteps on the stairs.
I'll fall asleep feeling cheated because "I am not tired".

Standard. x

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