Friday, December 31, 2010

That was the year that was...

Well, 2010 - you're on your way out aren't you?

It's difficult to know what to write about at this point. Do I review all the incredibly epic things that have happened in the world this year? Elections? Broken promises? Riots? Chaotic weather patterns? Murders? Royal Engagements?

I mean, as a nation we've been busy. If someone asked us to fill in a form showing our productivity as a nation for the last 12 months I think we'd be ok to say - "We've definitely done more than the odd the finger painting." We've even survived a recession. Most of us have survived the recession by wondering if we'd know we were surviving one without the papers to keep harbinging doom our way.

To be honest, I don't think I can remember all the stuff that's happened this year and The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year will probably shoe horn everything I had to say into a tight Jimmy Carr witticism anyway so I'm not really sure I need to bother.

I could review my year for you - it's been busy. Busier than the average. Returned from lapland, moved to London, got a job, got dumped (repeat that as often as necessary), moved house, went to Edinburgh, got a new job, moved house again...busy nah?

However, mostly my year has been absolute turmoil and me running around as though both my arse and hair were on fire going "Oh bugger bugger" In a terribly Bridget Jones manner. I'm not sure I want to subject you to reading that as large portions of my year were repeatedly giving into the same dumbass man and getting my self esteem battered. Yum, cod.

Well...not any more. Huzzah. 2011 is going to be...

...oh fuck off anyone that thought I was going to write some free spirited bullshit about how great and different 2011 is going to be. Of course it isn't. It'll be exactly the bloody same. Of course I'm hoping not to move house so much having found one with limited numbers of rodents. But let's not kid ourselves that I'll do anything like make good decisions or not be a whiny bitch about it once I've done it.

Good. I'm glad we're all on the same page.

Now, what are your plans for this evening? Excellent. Good work. I'm glad to see you're celebrating properly. If you need me I will be with my sisters playing Singstar and Cranium until the wee small hours and possibly singing Auld Lang Syne into a mug of wine. Or a beaker. One of the best things about being an Aunt is access to children's cups, meaning you can sup your alcohol in a wholly inappropriate fashion. That is, if you're not just drinking the wine straight out of the box.

So, New Year's Resolutions?

1. To always be having fun.

Anything else can go to hell.

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