Monday, May 3, 2010

Bank Holiday Monday

And so it's Bank Holiday Monday - am I not supposed to be out? Celebrating freedom? Partying hard like all single 20 somethings in the capital? Should people not be wining and dining me like the small hobbit with bowel problems that I am?

Well they are not. I am stuck in with terrestrial TV and a blanket. Not even Sky and a snuggie. Oh no no. Terrestrial and a blanket. Terrestrial currently plays as follows -
1.. David Cameron
2. snooker
3. David Cameron
4. Obese people having surgery.

I can choose either comatose boredom (snooker), vomiting (obese surgery) or extreme vomiting (David Cameron x2). what is a girl to do?

In the end I have opted for my old faithful copy of 'While You Were Sleeping' possibly the best film ever made and pretty much the only (non-animated) film that I can recite start to finish. The wonderous love story of Sandra bullock and Bill Pullman is a must have for all singletons worried they will never quite seal the deal on that mythical 'true love'.

Not that I believe in true love in any way shape or form. I believe in true compromise. I come from the strain of folks who believe love is a feeling, very real, but nonetheless created by humans due to the boredom of survival being fairly easy. Sarah jessica Parker et al have a lot to answer for in terms of girls pinning all their hopes on the 'one'.

Why have'the one'? What's wrong with the many? Pick and Mix comes with a scoop for a reasons - pincers are restrictive to the amount of candy one can consume. Therefore, says I, why restrict your thinking to pincer sized portions? Why not cast the net wide and have all the sugar mice and strawberry laces you can swallow?

Answers on the bank of a postcard please.

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  1. But what do you do when the jelly beans tell you they don't want to be eaten by you any longer, and fizzy colas just won't do? :-(