Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes - 24 Little Owls

If you went for a walk right now, put on your shoes, and a coat, stepped out the door and headed to House Number 9, 9th Avenue, The 9th City on Cloud 9 in the 9th district of the would find me.

When you get there, I'll be the one sitting cross legged with some awesome music playing full volume, fluffy hair and a massive grin. You might think at first I am on some sort of drug because I have the sort of manic energy in my eyes that is unnatural and yet you can't help looking. Like a dog who can't get the last bit of poo to fall off but doesn't have the luxury of wiping.

Of course, given that my usual mood pattern is much like several rounds on Nemesis with a child fed entirely on pre-ban blue smarties...I'm not saying this is going to last forever. But right now I have no intentions of moving to the shitty shack on cloud 7. Fact.

Why so happy Lexx? Thanks for asking alternative personality that it's much easier to get away with having if you pretend its for the comedy purposes of amusing other people. I will tell you why so happy.

I've had a damn good weekend - after the discomfort of Friday and the temporary blindness of Saturday I am now happily back on track with my lifelong ambition of having the world revolve around me. I've seen some of my favourite people on the planet this weekend. Firstly I saw the type of friend everybody should have - a Geordie (or something like that - Northern anyway, with a tendency to talk about indecipherable crap). If you don't have one of these people - get one. They are entirely to be depended on for laughing at and looking at with your head on one side wondering if they're from the same planet as you. I'm still in love with mine. When the novelty wears off I'll let you guys know so you can put Best Before stickers on yours and then kick them out of touch.


Or something along those lines...

...Then I saw my friends 'The Couple'. The couple seem to have been together forever now and we all have a tacit understanding that they always will be. I found myself last night watching Eclipse with them...regular readers will notice I seem to have given up fighting this decent into tedious cinema. I can't say that it was improved by watching it with a couple. A couple discussing what their wedding will be like. I chipped in for a while with musings on my forthcoming bridesmaid dress before sinking deeper into my red wine and accepting I will die a spinster. But at least I will have The Couple to feed me and make sure I wipe any areas of my body that have gotten overly moist. I love The Couple. I think they'll probably have to take over from my parents permanently in a few years. Lucky fuckers.

I stayed with The Couple last night. Now, The Couple have a dog and a cat - not unusual. The cat is bigger than the dog. The dog is perpetually adorable and as loving as any animal could ever be. The cat is the biggest, meanest, complex piece of kit I have ever seen. And at about 6am this morning it opened my bedroom door. It opened my fucking bedroom door - what kind of insanely educated feline is this?! and wandered in to where I was sleeping. This led to a kind of sleepy Mexican stand off involving me pleading with the cat to please go away and not eat my skin if I go back to sleep and the cat telling me to get the hell out of his house and to please leave his Couple alone. I just about won. But it didn't feel like much of a victory to be piling possessions against the door, creating a serious fire escape hazard, just to outwit a cat. Where was the dog when you need him?

Today I had a very successful cast meeting for the folks involved in taking my play up to the fringe this year. We all decided it's going to be great and I decided I had a lot to do to get things ready...then I discovered I also had 2 auditions coming up this week and that I still apparently work full time - which will require some attention.

Cloud 9 is suddenly becoming littered with paperwork and 'To Do' lists. But let's face it, at the risk of sounding really quite pathetic - I'd rather be exhausted in the middle of a challenge than asleep before I'd accepted it.

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