Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Unholy Black Swan

I made the somewhat catastrophic mistake of going to see The Black Swan last night. There are some superb qualities to that film...don't get me wrong, I am pretty far from saying it was appalling. It was just the worst possible film you could have sent me to see.

Never, ever, EVER send a long sighted, nervous, theatrical, squeamish female with a furious career focus to sit at the front of a cinema watching a jerkily filmed piece about a self harming, anorexic dancer who goes out of her mind.

I have never been so uncomfortable in a cinema - and the seats were fine. I mean, sure cinema is supposed to move you - but hopefully not to the point where you're unable to look at the screen.

Portman's portrayal of the fragile dancer is intricate and strong but never really haunting. Despite being blown away by certain elements of her performance - she still hasn't moved into the league of the greats in my opinion. It's difficult to say what was time the film almost steps into a comical melodrama which leaves you unsure of the director's intent. The irony of Miss Portman stealing from Winona Ryder in the early portion of the film had my irony criteria filled sufficiently to tick another box in the film's deconstruction. Perfect.

I salavaged the evening by going back and watching 'Take Me Out' which reminded me that anything awfully brilliant is superior to something comfortably atrocious. Take Me Out is an abysmal show which gathers together the worst strains of all that's within people and flogs it into a Paddy McGuinness quip.

Today I am off to my audition to try and rekindle my acting flame...wish me luck!

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