Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cooking Up An Onion

Sundays are just never long enough to do everything you needed to do and lie around in your pyjamas for a decent length of time. My day has consisted of a good old fashioned jog which resulted in severe muscle tightness and a bruised ego. Bruised ego due to me going running in my green bobble hat and hearing a child comment that 'Dobby runs funny'. Burgess Park shall not be visited again for some time.

Then I took myself on a walk to the National Gallery. I decided to stroll there as it was a lovely sunny day and I'm always happier in the sunshine. I got all the way there without looking at a map in under an hour...with only one shop managing to side track me on the way there. This shop did display some of my favourite greetings cards under the sun and if you are actually lucky enough to know in person then you are likely to receive one of these cards at all of your future celebratory events. IF you don't know me but want one, send a SAE to my house with your date of birth in it and I'll do my best but I can't promise anything.

At the gallery I mosied around trying to look neither glib nor pretentious...this is not easy when you are still wearing your elbow length bright red gloves and your gilet. I'd removed the hat by this point for fear of hearing 'Dobby likes the Degas'. I make a point at galleries of buying a postcard of the paintings that struck me most that time I went round...I am absolutely not allowed to buy a postcard of a painting that I haven't seen for real. No matter how much I like the postcard. This often leads to me buying postcards which are rather gross because the awesomeness doesn't transfer...and ignoring postcards which would look cracking on my wall. It might seem backwards but it works for me.

Unfortunately today, the paintings that struck me most were -
a) The Immaculate Conception by Diego Velasquez (crappy postcard doesn't do the halo justice and I now look a little bit like I'm a fan of hazy Roman Catholic art).
b) Susannah and the Elders by Guido Reni (didn't have a postcard so ended up spending far too much money on a print of it).

My wall has been duly decorated with this weekend's efforts to make the most of living in the capital and pretending I have cultural inclinations. Dobby has delusions.

This week is going to be a busy one...first off tomorrow I have the 2011 Quiz In My Pants return to form - I'm pretty excited about the line up (Jay Foreman, Bec Hill, Lou Sanders and Pete Dillon-Trenchard - thanks for asking) and hoping the whole thing goes off without a hitch and with an audience. A Monday night extravaganza is just the springboard I need to kick the week off at a flying pace...I've decided to be brave this week and bite a lot of bullets I've been dodging for a long time. Here's hoping the bullets taste a lot like belgian chocolate and less like broken teeth. Ho hum. Dobby has a fire up his arse.

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